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What are behavioral factors in rating?

Behavioral factors in rating — the main theme of the last conference is clarification of seach engine optimization. If the main trend of the last year can be called permanent link and it plays a quite important role in the promotion, then nowadays, it is defenitely considered as the influence of behavioral factors.

Even now, to be in the TOP it is not  simply buying tons of links, you must also take into consideration other factors that affect the position, for example:

  • Time spent by user on the website;
  • Percentage of refusals;
  • Depth of view;
  • Possibility of clicking the website in the ranks of search results.

All these criteria specifically refer to behavioral factors, by which your website will be quickly on the first lines of search results. In website promotion there are two development options: either you wait until your project naturally takes the leading position in the seach results, (which may take a lot of time and create many ambiguous prospects), or you spend some money to accelerate this process. Normally the first option does not allow you to achieve the desired result, in then time is like fee methods bringing such oppotunities ensured in reality.

Thus, buying links and cheating the behavioral factors become necessary, thanks to this you have the opportunity to bring the project to the TOP according to necessary search queries. There are many link trading markets, but few services like — exist, and the projects that produce results and are completely not found. Only provides effective support and practical promotion of almost any queries in Google search engine.


Sign up

Step 1.

First of all must go through the standard procedure of registration, with this procedure should not have any problems. Fill in all fields and click «Registration». The entered email should really exist, this email you will need to confirm the registration.

Step 2.

To confirm your registration, please go to e-mail you have specified and activate the newly registered account. This must be done in about 15 days and nights,  otherwise the account will be removed from the system.

Create campaing

Step 1.

After registeration successfully, log in the system. Now you can start promoting the website. The control panel should be clear at visual level, complexity in working with userator should not arise.

Step 2.

The first thing is that you need to add a website to promote:

Step 3.

The system proposes promotion in the following major search engine Google. You shoul pay attention to the fact that the userator can promote only the queries already in ТOP 20. This condition is applied in many cases because internet users when searching necessary information rarely go deeply to this border, and the system simulates the most natural user behavior.

In addition to the impact on behavioral factors in rating, the system allows to promote the purchased links: not all impacts are the same on the website's position in search results. The links, to which the user goes to, have higher quality than those lying somewhere such as in the footer of the website.

For maximum efficiency, you had better use all promotion strategies. For example, consider the search engine Google.

First of all, you need to add the desired queries, then userator will recommend you optimal settings for promotion, and specify the required budget. The system will automatically find pages suitable to your chosen queries.

Step 4.

To promote the external links, go to the relevant section and add website address, where they are located.

After saving all settings, you only need to supplement balance and carry out the campaign.
Later on, you just need to watch how the website is promoted to the first position in the search results of Google.


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